17 July 2006

Beating the heat

One of our hot day strategies is popsicles. Actually Edy's Fruit Bars. They have actual fruit instead of just artificially colored and flavored sugar water. I'm not sure they have that many more redeeming qualities than the old-fashioned kind, but they are still a good way to cool off. We've only had them once before, but Bug knew to strip down to a diaper before going outside for them! And yes, the kids are wearing 'sposies. We had some leftovers from the recent flu incident.

After the treat, we got out the bubbles for a while. Talk about cheap entertainment. For 60¢, we have had two nice outdoors romps and we've barely used enough to make a dent in the bottle. We definitely have to get some pictures of bubble chasing, but I need one hand for the bubble solution and one hand for the wand, which doesn't leave diddley for taking pictures. Bug is still a little small to make the bubbles for himself. He mostly dribbles the mix all over.

The good news is that tomorrow should be at least somewhat cooler.


Mom said...

Another "cheap entertainment" for hot summer days is running through a sprinkler, but you probably don't have a hose and sprinkler available at the apartment. I'm not sure why we thought that was such a magical thing when we were growing up...most likely because it was a form of water play, which is always fun!

Mom said...

Oops...meant to add to my earlier comment: cute bare-tummy pictures of both kids!