05 July 2006

Fourth of July!

We had a fun day for the fourth. We checked out the new municipal pool in the early afternoon. Both kids had a blast. The pool has a zero depth entry so they could explore a good chunk without hanging around someone's neck. There are also fountains and spraying things to play around in the shallow end. Bug is just a couple of inches too short for the water slides (minimum 42") and the first thing he asked this morning was if he was big enough for the slides now! They also have a water and sand play area that the kids had a lot of fun with.

After excellent naps all around (Kitty Daddy and I crashed too after the fresh air and sunshine), we had brats and kraut and watermelon for supper and then went to a fireworks display. There was also a fair going on so we walked around while we waited and saw some baby animals and Bug and Bean got to pet some tiny chicks and ducklings.

The fireworks were a lot of fun. They were a little loud for Bug, but he still enjoyed watching. Bean was feeling the effects of being up waaaay past her bedtime and mostly snuggled with me and her blanket while we watched. We didn't get home until around 10:30, so everyone was pretty tired.

We thought the grand finale was the big splashy display that ended the fireworks, but we were wrong. The grand finale was Bean barfing at 3:00 am. All over the bed, the blankie, the jammies and the hair. I guess it was just too much excitement for one day. I learned that there is no good way to get barf out of long baby hair without further upsetting said baby. Fortunately, once everything was out of her system and she got cleaned up, she went right back to sleep. Poor Beanie...


Mom said...

Fireworks at 3:00 am on the 5th...doesn't sound like fun for anyone in the vicinity. Glad to hear that you had a really good and fun 4th of July, though. We did our usual 4th of July vigil, keeping watch so that all the illegal fireworks don't set our house on fire! Can't have new shakes turn into crispy critters!