19 July 2006


Here are a couple of works in progress...

This is an acrylic soaker. All of our covers are starting to fall apart and I am (optomistically) hoping that they won't be in diapers too much longer, so I don't want to invest in too many new covers. I'm also using up the acrylic in my stash and will probably knit at least three soakers before I run out.

This is feather and fan lace using sock yarn. I actually CO about a month ago and the lonely CO row sat on my desk forever, then when I finally got started on it I added an extra row in the third repeat. Since I was feeling cranky, I decided to frog rather than fix. Once I restarted, it has been going relatively quickly. This is also a stash buster. I found this yarn on sale and bought one skein. I had already made my first pair of socks from one skein, and so I figured

1 skein = 1 pair of socks
right? Nope. My first pair of socks, the yarn was in a 100 g skein. This was a 50 g skein. Having since figured out that one sock is approximately 50 g of sock yarn, I realized that this would never become socks, so I decided to do a test run on lace. We'll see if it ends up long enough to do anything with...

The fire fighter's helmet is still, technically, a WIP, but I am so close to finishing that I thought I would wait to post when it is done.