02 July 2006


This was our reward for getting through the grocery shopping on Thursday with no (major) tantrums. Before we went to the grocery store, we stopped at Walgreen's and picked up some finger paints. Since Bug had such a great time with the watercolors and has been begging almost daily to paint, I thought we would try a new media. The top three paintings are Bug's:

And this one is Bean's:

She had fun not only with the painting, but also crumpling the painted paper. Gotta love the creative process! She also had a ball painting herself. I wanted to get a picture of that, but after errands and painting we were long overdue for a nap and everyone was starting to melt down.


Grandma K said...

I can sympathize with the reason for not taking a picture of the painted Bean; however, would have loved to have seen it. In the past, we have pictures of her painted with ice cream and cake, hummus, and other varied media...still cute as a bug (bean?) no matter what the coating.

Tell Bug and Bean that Grandma and Grandpa think their finger paintings are very cool.