20 July 2006

Stormy weather

With the humidity creeping higher and higher yesterday, there was no surprise that last night was stormy. Some pretty spectacular wind, thunder, lightening, and rain. 10,000 customers of our gas and electric utility lost power (I can tell you who one of those is!) around 3:00 am this morning. As of 8:00 am, around 2,000 were still without power (still can tell you one of those). We finally got power back around 3:00 pm this afternoon. I still haven't worked up the courage to debrief the fridge and freezer yet.

Although it isn't too hot (high 70's), the humidity is still pretty high. Without a fan to move the air, the apartment was pretty miserable, so the kids and I took a BK lunch and art supplies to the park for a couple of hours. It was still pretty of humid and sticky, but nearly pleasant outdoors, since there was a breeze.