21 July 2006

Sprechen Sie Bean?

Since Bean's vocabulary is growing rapidly now, here are some of her words:

  • Mommy, mom-mom, mama: Mommy
  • Daddy, dee, dee-dee, dee-dee-dee: Daddy
  • Day-dew: Thank you
  • Neh-neh, nummy: sip o' the good stuff
  • Neh-neh: drink of anything
  • titty: kitty
  • goggie: doggy
  • ball: ball or bowl
  • shooo: shoe
  • go: go (tough one, eh?)
  • dop (with hand gesture): stop
  • bee-bee: baby
  • bubba: brother
  • Doo: Scooby Doo (Bug's favorite video)
  • dipe: diaper
  • bye-bye: bye-bye
  • nana: banana
I'll add more if I think of any over the next day or two...


Mom said...

This is a test!!

Grandma K said...

Bean had the "go" command down pat already around her first birthday, as I recall...lots of additions, though, since then.