19 July 2006


Things have been very quiet, mostly because of the heat. Yesterday was better than it has been, high in the mid 80's and much less humid. We actually got to sleep in the bedroom instead of the living room last night! What a concept. It's looking very gray and sounding rather rumbly, so even though the humidity was back up (WAY UP) this morning, the storms might help.

Although the prospect of moving again is intimidating at best, I am looking forward to being settled in our new apartment. The best thing (after central air, of course) is that it will be within walking distance of all sorts of things. A short walk to our HMO primary care provider and a couple of shops and restaurants. A pleasant longer walk to a playground, the 'Bou, several more restaurants. A longer walk (requiring the wagon or a stroller for the kidlings) to our grocery store, more shops and restaurants, and our favorite "Keys" park. The weekly farmer's market and the rec center are still in the walkable/easy bikeable range, but with little ones, those would probably be considered a hike and an adventure rather than just a walk!


Mom said...

Ah, yes, summer is wonderful season, except for the heat. We're supposed to have triple-digit temps here over the weekend, starting as early as Friday. Blech and double-blech! I think we need to go to the coast.