15 July 2006

Ick. Hot.

Little A2C2 is working his electronic buns off, but just not keeping up with the heat! It's in the low 90's today and the forecast is for the high 90's tomorrow. And humid. Oof.

Also had to share this picture of Bug playing with blocks. Just recently he has gotten so much more "organized" with his playing. For a long time, block play was always stack two or three blocks and then get frustrated and knock them over. Now, all of a sudden, he is building fortresses, complete with construction trucks hauling in materials.

Developmentally, this is quintessential Bug. He sticks with what he knows for a while and then...LURCH...a new skill set, almost overnight. I can already tell that Bean is more slow and steady progress, with little changes here and there, constantly.

This pic also shows his fresh haircut. Bug and Daddy went to the "haircut store" and got groomed Thursday night (long overdue, see before picture in play dough entry).


Grandma K said...

Tell Bug that Grandma K thinks his new haircut is very handsome...and that I also like the intricate structure that he was working on in the picture.

Yes, isn't that amazing that children who share the same gene pool can be so different in some areas. It is fun to watch how they grow and develop.

The heat and humidity returned...thank heavens, at least, for A2C2.