06 July 2006

Probably more than excitement...

Since Bean was (mostly) her perky little self yesterday, I wrote off the middle of the night puke-fest to Independence Day excitement. She took a longer than average nap, which I figured was because of the late bedtime. However, at 3:00 am again this morning,

Needless to say, we are planning a quiet day today with extra cuddles and naps. Yesterday was pretty low key, too...laundry day usually is! Of course, the laundry excitement is spilling over into today too...all the bedding. again.


Mom said...

Poor little Beanie—makes one wondder what there is about the 3:00 am time frame that brings on the heaves?? (Really cute little blue emoticon—despite the fact that it's hurling!)

Hope that Little is over the tummy upsets by now and that you won't have any more middle-of-the-night surprises.