31 July 2006

Too stinkin' hot

We are once again in the midst of a heat wave. It's 93 at noon. Ish.

We spent a long weekend (Friday through Sunday) in Central Iowa helping clean Kitty Daddy's mom's basement, and boy, did we pick a great weekend for it! Hot, hot, hot! It was wonderfully cool down the basement, but outside was awful. I spent most of Friday chasing Bug and Bean, who had a ball playing in grandma's big yard. On Saturday, we were joined by Kitty Daddy's two sisters and it was even hotter and more humid. Bug was so excited to have cousins to play with! Other than the heat, a nice time was had by all, and the change in how the basement looked was amazing!


Grandma K said...

Arghhh...I heard on the news this morning that the whole center of the US is hot, hot, hot. The good news was that it (the extreme heat)isn't supposed to last as long as the heat wave did on the left coast. Hang in there, A2C2!

Glad the little ones had fun with their cousins.