16 July 2006

Still hot

Temps in the 90's and dewpoints in the 70's today. Ick. Double Ick. We are mostly about just trying to stay cool right now. Yesterday morning we made a short trip to the park to try and use up some kidling energy and then mostly ran errands and tried to stay in the air-conditioned car or air-conditioned stores, except for a break to go home and nap.

This morning, we tried doing some (indoor) cleaning and organizing before it got too hot, but then gave up and went to the mall and let the kids play on the indoor play structure. We obviously weren't the only family with this bright idea...it was very crowded! There were also some good clearance sales going on in the mall, so we did some shopping, too.


m said...

Yeah, we noticed in the paper that your whole section of the country was pretty much steaming...makes it hard to do much of anything. Unfortunately, you inherited my anti-heat gene. Besides getting cranky, I also get very lethargic.