12 July 2006

Clay day

Since we have once again rolled around to icky laundry day, and since yesterday was an indoor rainy day, I was scratching my head for something fun and interesting. In the process, I came across the play dough the kids got from Aunt S and Uncle J last Christmas. I had set it aside since Bean was in the infamous eat-everything phase and today seemed like a good day for it.

We decided to go monochrome for now; otherwise, it would just be one big brownish lump. It was still a lot of fun even with just one color. Bug chose orange and I picked out red for Bean and off we went. Bean mostly pulled hers into pieces and threw them on the floor (for mama to pick up), but Bug went to town rolling and squooshing. After a while, Bug decided that he wanted green. I passed the orange to Bean so she could have variety, too. Here are the two little future Rodins in action:

And a couple of Bug's masterpieces...orange 'nakes (I say they look like carrots, but what does Mama know??):

And a green pancake:

For now we are about process rather than product, so Mama snapped these pictures and we squooshed the dough back into airtight bags for next time. Someday we might bake something and make it permanent, but not today.


Grandma K said...

Very artistic! Actually, sometimes when you vist a museum, you might see some art works like the "green pancake" and then wonder who the artists really were...maybe two to four-year-olds? So there must be times when the art really is the process, not the product?!