25 July 2006

Take me out to the ball game...

Sunday night was Kitty Daddy's office picnic. They had it at the Madison Mallard's ballpark, with a big picnic and door prizes followed by a baseball game. The picnic was nice and we made out like bandits with the door prizes. Everyone got five tickets to put in to be drawn for a whole bunch of prizes. There were gift certificates, picnic dishes, a cooler, and lots of other stuff. We won a 7 game yard set (volleyball, badminton, jai-alai lite, velco "mitts", etc.) and a little Weber Smoky Joe grill that came with a bag of charcoal, lighter fluid, a set of grill tools, and a small table cloth. It was by far the nicest of the prizes!

We used the grill tonight to make hamburgers. YUM!!! Nothing like grilled burger. We also toasted marshmallows. Man, I haven't had a toasted marshmallow in years. The first one tasted just like everything that is good about summer.

Now our living room is overrun by invisible babies. Bean was playing with Bug's baby doll and I made a comment about being grandma to Bean's baby. Bug was intrigued, so he conjured up a whole bunch of invisible babies that were his. He kept pulling more out of a box and handing them too me, then one got tangled in my knitting and started flying around the living room. Love that imagination!!


Grandma K said...

Oh, wow, that would make me a great-grandma to all the invisible babies! Isn't imaginative play just great?