08 July 2006

On the mend

Well, it looks like Daddy got it too, but just tired and upset tummy without puking. We have been laying low and taking it easy and everyone seems to be heading in the right direction again!

After a year and a half of Bug insisting that he is a little baby or a little kitty, now that he knows that he has to be bigger to ride on the waterslide at the pool, he is suddenly all about being a "big boy." He is currently 40-1/4" tall and needs to be 42" to go on the waterslide. We also measured Bean. She is a 34" long tall bean.

We are also taking advantage of this newfound excitement to talk about other big-boy things. Mostly underpants. Oooooh, the excitement. I really don't get out much, do I?


Mom said...

I guess at almost any age, a lot of the things we do or don't do are based on incentives...and yes, when it comes to children of almost any age, the use of incentives (or sometimes, disincentives) can be a pretty powerful tool in the hands of the parents. If being a big boy hurries potty training along, I say go for it!

Sorry to hear that Daddy didn't escape the dreaded bug, but glad to hear that you're all starting to feel better.