31 August 2006

My biggest problem right now

...is that there is no way to get all the boxes out of little people's reach. Arrggh. They spread stuff out as fast as I can pick it up! Okay, actually, FASTER than I can pick it up.

For example, today, I took a couple minutes to use the bathroom (yes, we make time for necessities). When I got out, Bug and Bean had gotten ahold of a box of tea bags, taken them all out, unwrapped each of them and spread bags and wrappers around the dining room. So Mom picks those up and hears a *crash*. Into the kitchen, where Bean has once again dumped the cats' water dish, only this time she dumped the cat food into the water first. While I am mopping up water, Bug comes down the steps and says, "Guess who left a sandwich upstairs." So I holler, "Go get your sandwich before Mollie eats it." A few moments later, I hear a growling Mollie and a screaming Bug. She had already gotten the sandwich and got pissy with Bug for trying to take it back. *sigh*

All I can say is Thank Goodness for library DVDs!


Mom said...

Let's play Jeopardy. The question is: What is duct tape used for? The answer: You can supply that!
Sorry about that, but I can certainly sympathize with your frustration right now. It's so hard to make any progress when you're trying to keep up with (let alone, get ahead of) two busy little people.

Hang in there...this, too, will soon be a distant, though probably not a fond, memory.