05 September 2006

Progress is slow

We are making progress, but man, are we getting sick of the chaos! We have the downstairs arranged (at least for now...we may end up moving some stuff around) and the piano was delivered today. I also got bawled out by the mailman for not having names on our box. He seemed to think it was my fault that I didn't know that we needed to put our names on the box. He just got pissier when I said that no one had told us that, even though I prefaced the remark with the fact that I would take care of it. Apparently, I was supposed to tune my brainwaves to the cosmos and magically know to put our names up without being told. Whatever.

I am healing from the move. In addition to the usual assortment of bruises on my shins, knees, elbows, and anywhere else that is likely to collide with something solid, I also scored a nice little gash on my forehead after getting smacked by a cabinet as we were taking it down the stairs on a dolly. I also got bruised on the bridge of my nose from that one. Not as visible, but ouchy whenever I pushed my glasses up! My trophy is a black eye scored from my darling Bean. She pounced on me and bonked me on the eyebrow with her little concrete skull. Its still tender where it hit, but my eyelid is truly technicolor. When my eye is open, it just looks like a little tacky yellow eyeshadow, but when I close my eye there is an impressive spread of blacks, blues, purples, and (emerging) greens. It seems to have peaked...for a while it was getting scarier looking every day! KittyDaddy hardly wants to go out in public with me, because he's afraid people will think that he beats me or something! ;)

The kidlings are enjoying our yard, especially since we have been having very pleasant weather! They also seem to be finally settling in to the new place too. We were having some rocky nights for a while, with night waking for both kids, but I can't say I'm suprised with all the stress and upheaval! They have been sleeping better the last couple of nights, fortunately!


Mom said...

Ouch...ouch...and ouch, again! I was going to complain about my bad back, but it pales in comparison...

I will have to call to commiserate.