18 August 2006

Big Boy milestone

As of yesterday, the Bug no longer rides in a car seat. We converted his car seat to a seatbelt positioning booster before setting off to the park! He is very pleased about it and has been talking about his "new" boo-cha seat non-stop! When we decided that he needed to tell daddy about it, he said, "Daddy be so happy and pwoud!" We are all very proud of our big Bug!

Since it was gray and looked like rain, we took the van to "Close Park," so we could make a quick get-away if it started to rain. It did, so we did and picked up a few groceries as long as we were out and about. It was still raining when it was time to go to Farmer's Market, but the corn we got last week was so stinkin' good that we couldn't let a little rain stop us! The market is covered, so it was very pleasant listening to some Celtic music and rain drumming on the roof. We did, however, get soaked on the way home. Neither of the kids had a nap, so everyone was feeling a little cranky and uncooperative. How else can you explain that a little boy who feels absolutely no concern for soaking his clothes and the entire kitchen playing in the sink would get so darn pissy over getting rained on? He stood in the driveway and just screamed because he was so mad about getting wet. Bean on the other hand, loved the rain and didn't want to come in at all!


Grandma K said...

That looks like a "thumbs-up" to me. I'm guessing the conversion is based on weight?