23 August 2006


So what does a little boy digging in the sand and a little girl eating sand have to do with knitting? EVERYTHING!!!

These two sweetpeas are my biggest knitting barrier most days, but we discovered this week that if we take a mesh laundry bag filled with sand toys to the sand volleyball court at our favorite park, the kids can play happily for a while. But wait, here is the kicker! The sand volleyball court is in the middle of a grassy field, so Momma can kick back under a shady tree with her knitting and still keep an active eye on the kiddos. Of course, they can play happily for quite a while anywhere in the park, but on the playground equipment, I still follow Bean around since she can be a little more ambitious than her skills are up to. Occasionally, I will put my sock bag around my wrist and do a few rounds on a sock. That doesn't always work, because I have to put it away to climb and crawl and keep and eye on Bean sometimes.

Don't get me wrong...I am delighted to follow my kids around the playground as long as they need me to. And it will only be all too soon that they are so independent that I can have LOTS of knitting time. But, it is nice to find a way to do both once and a while...especially since they both love playing in the sand.

As a result, I have made great progress on the shorts to go with the Crumpets dress. I have maybe 10-12 rows of decreasing left to do on the front and then I can kitchener the crotch together, weave in ends, put elastic in the waistband, and then I will be done!