01 August 2006

UFOs, WIPs, and fluff in the mail

The UFO category includes things that are very much almost finished. I am the worst procrastinator in the world when it comes to the last few details of a knitting project. This is the hall of shame. Hopefully, these items will be appearing in a finished item post soon!

  • Acrylic soaker in pink/purple/blue. Soaker is done...I just have to decide whether the old soaker in this color is toast and steal the i-cord or knit a new i-cord
  • Acrylic soaker in blue/green. Also done except i-cord, also have a candidate for the trash bin that I could steal the cord from...
  • Bug's Fire Fighter helmet. I am so stinkin' close. The only thing I have left is to tidy up the loose ends from the embroidery and attaching the patch. Less than a half hour of work if I would just sit down and finish the stupid thing!!!
These are works in progress that are making at least occasional progress.

The first is a pair of bloomers/shorts to go under the Crumpets dress. I am feeling pleased with myself over the waistband. I did a casing for elastic. To do this I used a crochet chain to make a provisional cast on, then knit three rows flat, joined and knit five rounds and then knit the cast-on stitches together with the active stitches, just like in a picot edge. The three flat rows leave an opening in the casing to thread some elastic and I can use the tail to sew up the opening (while also securing the loose end) afterwards.

The second picture is the progress I have made on the fan and feather scarflet I started a couple of weeks ago.

I found Sugar and Cream cotton on sale at Michaels and picked up a half a dozen skeins in anticipation of getting Mason-Dixon Knitting from the library. I have it on hold and I am currently number 44 out of 50 holds, so I'm not holding my breath!

I also got an order from KnitPicks this week. I had been eyeing the Main Line cotton blend for a tank/shell, so I had to bite when they had it for $1.97/skein!!! I have started a gage swatch, but only a few rows so far.

I also ordered some Wool of the Andes to make a pair of Fiber Trends felted clogs for Kitty Daddy. I picked up the pattern at our LYS last week. The clogs will be gray and black. I also got two skeins of red WotA. I am thinking about making another fire fighter's helmet for Bean. Otherwise, a couple of skeins of wool in the stash never hurt anyone. Sorry for the crummy picture. There really is black wool there!

To round out my order (and qualify for free shipping), I got two skeins of Gossamer lace weight yarn. I am going to make Bean a little shrug or shawl to go with the Crumpets dress so she can wear it in cooler weather too.