23 August 2006

Progress (of sorts)

Well, Bug is completely enamored of his new underpants. We haven't tried every day, but he has been able to keep them dry for several hours at a time, when we change him into a diaper to run errands or nap. However, using the potty is the next hurdle. On days where he has worn them for longer periods, they invariably end up soggy. As soon as I hear the pee-squawk, I rush him to the bathroom to sit a bit, but it's always too late. This morning, he squawked, I rushed him into the bathroom before the undies got wet. We spent a while there and I did hear some tinkling, so we put the undies back on. However, a half an hour later, his undies were once again soaked. We keep trying.

I'm not getting too bent out of shape, because we will be moving and I suspect the stress will add difficulties anyway. The main thing is that he LOVES wearing his underpants! When things get more settled, the new approach will be to put on undies in the morning and he can keep wearing them as long as they stay dry. For now, we have been doing two pairs a day, since I have a strong suspicion that my little strong-willed guy could dig in his heels if we make a big deal about "accidents." So my approach has been "no big deal, but did you notice how it felt? Can you tell me before you pee next time?"

Against my better judgment, he is napping in his underpants right now. At least it is laundry day...


Grandma K said...

And he made it through the nap, right? Good for Bug! We're very proud of the progess he has made so far.