21 August 2006

A couple of Finished Objects and other progress...

(insert fanfare here...) The Fire Fighter's Hat is finally done. It has been finished except for tidying up loose ends for just ages. I am such a procrastinator with the very last details of most projects! I also "finished" the two acrylic soakers, in the sense that I decided to chuck the worn out ones and salvage the old i-cords.

The bloomers to go with the Crumpets dress and the scarflet are making slow progress. The bloomers will be a breeze again once I get to the shaping. There is not quite an inch of stockinette in the round left.

Everything else has been treading water, because I got sidetracked on Daddy's clogs. I just *LOVE* this pattern! Very little seaming and they knit up very fast! They still need to be felted, but I am waiting for next week, when I don't have to use a coin-op washing machine!!!! Of course they look huge, but after my experience with the FF helmet, I am a much more confident felter! Once we get moved, I am going to plan out some clogs for Christmas gifts and get the wool ordered.

And, last but not least, I got itchy fingers and started swatching with the organic cotton I got for my birthday. I am planning on starting with a scarf, a la the one in EZ's Knitting without Tears. I want to put some patterns (I'm thinking cables), so it isn't just a mile long tube of stockinette.

Finally, I think I have made up my mind about Bean's shawl/shrug. Since she likes wrapping herself up in her binkit, I think I will make a shawl and, more than likely, will do a smallish Clapotis.