16 August 2006

How to take a nap

Small dog...check!
Body parts spread in every direction...check!

And folks...we have nappage!!!

Lucky kidlings...mama is doing laundry. I started out with THREE loads of diapers. Yesterday was technically diaper day (they get washed every other day, but one of the neighbors had left stuff in the washer all day), so there were too many for one load in the pail. PLUS, the diapers that were out on the deck for the great wasp adventure on Friday had been sprayed with bug spray, so that load had been sitting in a laundry basket waiting to be re-washed. And, it was a bedding week, so four loads done and I hadn't even started on clothes and towels!

A week and a half left until we start moving. The whole moving process is never fun, but I will be very glad to be in our new apartment, to have our own washing machine again, to have more than one toilet, and to have a little more space for everyone.

Oh, and the resident nudist had decided to be gracious about accepting that she has to wear a diaper to eat or go outside. All other times, the mere suggestion of diapering activities nets a firm "NO" or "DOP," complete with hand gestures, but if I bring a diaper over by the kitchen gate and tell her that she needs a diaper to eat/go outside, she lies down on the floor in front of me and lifts up her legs. When the diaper is on, she pops up and gives me a chipper "Day dew" and gives me meaningful looks until I reply "You're welcome!"


Grandma K said...

How peaceful it looks...kinetic energy at rest. Bug doesn't have his head under a pillow, though. Isn't that the usual position for sleeping?

Sounds like your resident nudist is thoroughly enjoying summer weather. She'll probably grow up and do her housecleaning in the nude, answering the door in only a football helmet (somewhere in my past I head a story/joke about that).

And regarding the laundry..."day dew" (LOL) for being such a good mommy!

Grandma K said...

whoops..."heard" a story/joke...