21 August 2006

Oh Sheesh!

Things are getting crazy with the upcoming moving looming, so I have been a little hit-and-miss with updates. So we will once again do a Monday update, I guess!

So, not being one to reject sage parenting advice when I see it (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6...go ahead, read it, I'll wait...), we gave it a try.

The selection wasn't the Incredible Hulk, but (surprise, surprise) Hot Wheels and Hummer. What a cute hiney! Anyway, he has been wearing them off and on and they have stayed dry. Of course, we put diapies on when we leave the house, but he is still doing a fine job! The other good stuff (boo-cha seat, big enough to use the slide at the pool, etc.) that comes with being a big boy is convincing him that he can maybe deal with the less fun stuff!

Other than that, a pretty quiet weekend. We continue to take every opportunity to cook out and to eat fresh corn on the cob and tomatoes and other veggies. Because we are trying to eat more summer produce, we are looking into finding a CSA for next summer.

Just in case this week gets crazy before I have another chance, here is our moving schedule (roughly). The new apartment is available after 11 am on Saturday, 8/26 and we have a U-Haul rented for Sunday into Monday. Kitty Daddy is taking Monday and Tuesday off of work to move and clean and what-not. We should have internet at the new apartment by the end of next week. Kitty Daddy has already made the appointment, I just can't remember when it is!


Grandma K said...

Whoa! Just look at that red car on Bug's butt! I didn't even have to go to the links to find out where you got your "sage parenting advice," 'cause I've been reading about it in our paper every day. It's always interesting to see what trips little ones' triggers. I am assuming that Bug got to pick out the undies he wanted, because as I recall, he already had some superhero ones??

Tell Bug that G&G are very proud of his progress in all areas.

Once again, good use of that new camera...cute pic of the littles, even if I can't see their faces.

Kitty Mommy said...

His other undies are Thomas the Tank Engine, so we now have three each of Thomas, Hot Wheels, and Hummer.

Grandma K said...

Certainly wouldn't want to get bodily fluids on any of those...they might rust out!