09 August 2006

Our weekend

Some highlights from our weekend, since the internet was down for a couple of days...

When we got up Saturday morning, we discovered that a big oak tree beside the apartment building had tipped over. Some serious root rot had gotten this big ol' tree. The only strange part was that we have had some pretty significant thunderstorms with winds that took down some big branches and small trees in the area, but this guy stayed up. Then, with no storms at all on Friday night, it fell over. This pic is from the front of the building...

...and this one is from the back. Fortunately, we live on the other end of the building. Our neighbor who lives on this end didn't have anything of his damaged. There was just some minor damage to the gutters and roof. Oh, and the cable sometime Sunday.

Saturday was also National Mustard Day. We went to Mt. Horeb (home of the world famous Mustard Museum. Seriously. We saw it on "Unwrapped" on the Food Network long before we ever moved to Wisconsin) to celebrate. We had free hot dogs with mustard (if you wanted ketchup, it was $10) and played some mustard games and listed to music and sampled mustard. Here the kids are doing "meet and greet" with the French's Mustard Man. Bean gave him several big hugs. Very cute.

Also, you can see the sign for the Mustard Museum over the Mustard Man's shoulder.

The Fashionista showing off her style on Saturday night. She started with full pajamas, but her new skill is taking off shirts, so she is usually topless these days.

We had a pretty quiet Sunday. It was rainy and dreary, so we turned on some tunes and Bean and Bunny took a spin around the dance floor. She holds him by his paws and they spin around the living room to the music. Sometimes, she sings along. Too cute, but the picture doesn't do it justice.

Last, but not least, Bug the photo-journalist. Since I got a new digital camera for my birthday (the old one was only nine years old and used 3.5" floppies), Bug has been playing with my old camera and shooting pictures. I'll get some posted another time!


Grandma K said...

All too cute for words...and I do mean that, so I won't try to comment any further except to say that I "LOL'd."