11 August 2006


We had a marvelous grilled supper last night. We did corn on the cob in the husks and bratwurst on the grill. The corn was from farmer's market and was so sweet and tender. YUMMMM! Unlike the horrible leathery corn on the cob we got from the grocery store a week or so ago! We have three more ears for this weekend and I can't wait!! For dessert, we had actual, honest-to-goodness s'mores. Very yummy, but very messy. It took forever to shampoo the marshmallow out of Bean's hair! We have always had propane grills, but I am quickly becoming a charcoal convert. It's not as easy and convenient, but smells and tastes so much better! With a chimney starter, it really isn't that much more difficult than gas, just a little slower to heat up.

We also found a tiny frog (amphibian, not the knitting kind) by the garage while we were waiting for the grill. He was about 1.5" long. Both kids were fascinated by the little fella, and we tried to keep them a little reined in so we wouldn't traumatize the poor little froggy too much. By the time I had ran in to grab my camera, he had hopped away, so no pics this time!


Mom said...

We have always heard that charcoal grilling is more flavorful than propane...and now you're confirming it.