31 May 2006

Laundry Quandary

Ugh! Laundry has never been one of my favorite chores, but after eight years of having my own washer and dryer in my own house, I have just about had it with living in an apartment again. We live in a three-unit and there is one washer ($1.25) and one dryer ($1.00) in the basement. To do a weeks worth of laundry for four people, it usually ends up taking five or six loads, in order to get the loads small enough that the stoopid washer gets things vaguely clean. This is in addition to the three to four loads of diapers per week.

The alternative is loading clothes, kids, quarters, and laundry supplies into the van and making the trek to the Laundromat. While I was finishing my dissertation, we did this every Sunday and Kitty Daddy would take one of the kids with him to run errands at Walgreens. Now, I am trying to get laundry done during the week so the four of us can have some fun family time instead of cranky laundry time on the weekend. Even though the Laundromat takes less than 2 hours to do a whole week, that significantly stretches the patience of the two littlest family members. Plus, I have to keep close watch on Bean so she doesn't go play in the toilet or go outside and play in the parking lot, her two favorite laundry-time hobbies.

Either way, I am very happy that there is less than three more months of this. We have put in an application for a townhouse style apartment that has a washer and dryer in the apartment. Assuming all goes well, we will be moving there the last week of August!