26 May 2006

Spring Bean

Oh man...how cute is that? Big brown eyes, wavy hair, seersucker and rickrack sundress...

Well, big brother has been getting more than his fair share of blog space since he has the larger vocabulary and we tend to tailor our activities more toward his interests. But Bean is keeping us entertained, too! Her vocabulary is growing, with favorite words including Mom-mom (yours truly), Dada, Go (with an outstretched hand to pull you along), Dipe (diaper), Shoo (shoes), and Neh-neh (nursing). Skill-wise, she is trying desperately to jump, and can't quite get both feet off the floor. It is a pretty adorable tippy-toe thing though!

With warmer weather here, Bean is finally getting to wear her new sundresses from Grandma. It also means that we get to spend more time outside, especially at the park. She loves slides, which means I have to keep my eye on her since some of the slides at Bug's favorite park end several feet off the ground. She climbs like a monkey and does her best to keep up with big brother's exploits. Fortunately, Bug is just starting to get very social at the park, so he finds "fends" to play with and I can follow Bean around and just keep an eye on Bug. The other day, he dragged a little girl about his age over to me and said, "She my girlfend." Not only sociable, but a little Casanova in the making! Of course, he also (on another occasion) dragged a little girl over and patted her and said, "She my brother." Go figure...who can tell what is going to come out of a three-year-old mouth!


Grandma K said...

What a cute picture! Obviously, your weather must be a lot warmer than ours here in the Northwest. Bean looks like a tiny summer garden with all the flowers and bugs perched on her dress. I see that she still has her "pretty toes," too.

Glad to hear that your internet is fixed...hope it stays that way!

Kitty Mommy said...

I got her some "pretty toes" polish of her own...in pink! But I haven't had a chance to take the red off and put the pink on yet.