09 May 2006

Adventures in Toilet Training

I use the term "training" loosely. My philosophy is they'll do it when they are ready. We got Bug a "little potty" when he turned two and have read books about it and talked about it, but it's just in the last couple of months that he has really gotten at all interested in the idea. He asks to use the potty now and then and will sometimes use it if we offer the idea. He does both pee and poo on the "big potty" when he does go.

Ironically enough, after a loooong wait for Bug to be ready for toilet training, Bean can't wait to get started. We have clothing-optional mornings for Bean when she gets a bit of diaper rash, and after a couple of puddles in the living room, I started putting the little potty chair out when she was in the buff. She still left puddles in the living room, but always right next to the potty chair. So, she gets the concept of using the potty, she just hasn't completely figured out the execution. Now she likes to play with the potty chair when big brother is using the big potty, but her attention span still isn't long enough to actually get anything inside the potty, but that will come with time.

So I could conceivably go from two in diapers to none in diapers in a fairly short time. I suspect that Bug will be more interested now that nice weather is here, since shorts are easier to get on and off than jeans. Also, since we have no A/C we might end up with days with only training pants on to stay cool. Then it will be very easy, should the need arise. Whew, whatever will I do with my free time once I don't need to wash diapers anymore???