18 May 2006

An excavator!

Okay, just when I start to figure out the rules, they change.

Old Rule #1 of Parenting: Do NOT wake a sleeping baby, except in life or death situations.

New Rule #1 of Parenting: Do NOT wake a sleeping baby, except in life or death situations OR if there is an excavator getting ready to dig in your front yard.

Apparently there was a water main break that needed to be repaired. I had just gotten Bug and Bean down for their naps and was getting ready to get a little work done. I kept hearing trucks sounds, especially the "beep, beep, beep" of backing up. Since today is trash day, I didn't think too much of it. However, since it kept going and going and going, I peeked out the window to see what was going on and if there was anything I could do to keep it from interrupting nap time.

And, there, milling around in our front yard, are several pickup trucks, a couple of dump trucks and *gasp* an excavator. I watched them maneuver around for a while, debating madly whether I should wake up Bug or let him sleep. Finally, as they got the excavator into position, I decided that this was too cool to miss, so I woke up the sleeping Bug. He was not happy being woken, but once I got him to the window, he was wide awake and very excited! We sat out on our miniature deck and watched the whole operation. There were three dump trucks coming and going and it took two dump trucks of fill to refill the hole that they dug. They didn't finish completely...it still needs topsoil and sod or seed, but other than that Bug and I watched the whole process.

There is going to be one significantly overtired and seriously cranky Bug in the house tonight, but how often does an excavator dig right in your front yard???


Grandma K said...

Such excitement! Watching an excavator in your very own front yard. That ranks right up there with watching big rigs loaded with carnival rides (most especially a miniature train on a flatbed truck) pull into your favorite play park. We're all anxiously awaiting the blog on the outcome of that!

Robert Andrews said...

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