04 May 2006

Meet the Kats: Bug

My Bug turned three last December. He is a smart, funny, and amazing little bundle of raw energy (not that the mom-lady might be biased or anything).

Today we took a picnic to the park and he decided that we would eat our picnic in the middle of the little wooden bridge connecting the play area to the rest of the park. We also went to the first farmer's market of the season, which was a favorite activity last fall and one that we missed over the winter!

Since I painted my toenails red during nap time yesterday, he insisted that I give him "pretty toes" tonight. We found some manly blue nail polish and did so. Bug is comfortable enough with his own masculinity to feel free to try out "pretty toes" and "hair dos" (barrettes or ponytails). I think it makes Kitty Daddy squirm a little, but he will probably grow out of it, and if he doesn't, we'll still be crazy in love with him!