27 May 2006

A renewable (and seemingly inexhaustible) energy source

Since Bug likes to help with the cleaning and has become very fond of the vacuum cleaner (at least when it's turned off). Everytime the vacuum is out, he wants to "pee-tend" vacuum, which drives Mollie Dog crazy. She HATES the vacuum monster and feels obligated to harass it and drive it back into hiding whether it is making noise or not. So, as a solution, we started looking for a silent carpet sweeper (like the ones they use in restaurants). Since we didn't find one at Target and Bug was extremely disappointed, we decided to try a Swiffer Carpet Flick. What a solution! Bug started sweeping with it after lunch and only parted with it to take a nap with a major tantrum. We promised that he could vacuum more after his nap. We can only hope that he takes ownership of chores with such ferocity when he gets older!

Speaking of tantrums, we also found a pair of summer sandals for Bean at Target. We took off one sneaker and sock to try one on and she was most upset when we went to take it off. So we did all of our shopping with her in the cart seat wearing one sandal with the other dangling from its elastic band. Taking it off to have it scanned so we could pay was also a major trauma. The bright side is that this morning, when she was being very opinionated about not wanting to get dressed, I just handed her the sandals and all tantrums subsided and she muttered about her pretty "shoo" the whole time she was being dressed.


Grandma K said...

It sounds like Bug is a variation of the "Roomba," with a little Energizer Bunny thrown in. Tell Bug that Grandma has a "Hoky" (remember that little old carpet sweeper—wonder if they even make them anymore?)for him to use the next time he comes to visit, plus lots of carpet to sweep, er, vacuum.

And it sounds like Bean might have inherited the "shoo" gene, which mostlikely comes from Kitty Mommy's side of the family (remember baby brother's first word?)