06 May 2006

Spring Cleaning!!

The last few days have been some serious spring cleaning. I don't usually get too uptight about deep cleaning, but the kitchen floor in this apartment was atrocious. It has been grossing me out ever since we moved in last September, so over the course of three days I have been giving it a serious scrubbing. I discovered that the yellowish linoleum with blue lines and flowers and brown spots is actually yellowish linoleum with blue lines and flowers and indentations that have collected ickiness for heaven-only-knows how long. Okay, brief pause for a group "Eeeewwww."

Today was carpets. I shampooed most of the living room and a few trouble spots in the bedroom (where Bean got ahold of a tube of lipstick, for example). We finally got an upright shampooer since Mollie is not 100% reliable...we spot clean and then shampoo every once and while. Kitty Daddy and Bug and Bean went for a car ride to look at some possible apartments for next fall so I wouldn't have to work around the little ones.

I wanted to get as much of this stuff done this weekend as possible, since we will have company coming on Tuesday. Don't get me wrong, I'm not cleaning so we have a clean house for guests, I'm doing it now since we will be busy next week and I'm afraid it will start getting to warm before long (apartment has no A/C). My parents are here for a visit and next Saturday is my Ph.D. graduation! I don't have any illusions that they are coming for graduation...they only visit to see Bug and Bean ;o).


Mom said...

You certainly deserve to have some illusions at this point. We would, indeed, come for your graduation even if there were no Bug or no Bean. These two are just the beautiful icing on the cake. You, my dear one, are the cake (chocolate, no doubt about it)!