26 May 2006

What a great book!

I just picked this book up from the local library, and it looks like I might have to add it to my "must buy" list! Extraordinarily cute, very creative projects to make for kids are in here. Among the coolest (in my humble opinion) are:

  • felted fire fighter's helmet (Bug would adore this!!!)
  • tool belt and tools (hammer, saw, and screwdriver)
  • bowling ball and pins
All sorts of cool dress-up things too:
  • felted wizard and princess hats
  • crown
  • princess dress
  • Egyptian queen
  • mermaid outfit
  • Viking outfit
If I can be a good girl and get some (non-knitting) things crossed off of my to-do list, I think I will have to add the fire hat to my "In Planning" list. Also, Bug might need a set of tools and a tool belt next time we go to visit grandpa (he's do-it-yourselfer and woodworking hobbyist).