29 May 2006

Shhhh...if you listen very carefully...

You can hear the angels sing:

(softly, as if from a great distance) Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Yes, people, our crappy little un-air-conditioned apartment is now a crappy little air-conditioned apartment! Two days at or near 90 and it isn't even June yet. I turn into a slug when it gets much past the mid-70's. Give me 6 foot snowdrifts anytime!

We found a portable A/C on sale at Menards and did the deed. We got it up and running and, while it isn't powerful enough to keep the whole apartment cool all the time, I think that we can keep the living room bearable during the day so the kids can nap and I can find the gumption to make dinner at home.


Mom said...

What a relief, huh? Yes, I'm sure it seems heavenly to have even a fairly small air conditioner after living through a few days of 90-degree heat without one. Isn't it amazing how something as non-glamorous as cool air can be so wonderful?

Tell Bug and Bean that I saw two little blue robin's eggs in a nest built under the eaves of my friend's house today. The eggs are very dark blue (I thought robin's egg blue was much lighter in shade) and are the second brood of the season for a very busy momma and daddy robin. They had four babies the first time around—in the same nest—and those babies are now flying and pretty much on their own. The whole family, including the four young ones, came back to my friend's house yesterday to take baths in her bird bath. According to my friend, Patty, it's been very interesting to observe the workings of a maternity ward right outside her sliding glass door!