05 May 2006

Valentine's Bears

These are the teddy bears I knit for the kids for Valentine's Day 2006. The pattern is Harry Bear and Bean's bear (the light brown one) was knit from Lion Brand Homespun (Fawn) and her pink scarf is plain ol' garter stitch in Bernat Cottontots (Strawberry) with Bernat LuLu (Berry swirl) fringes. Bug's bear was knit from Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick (Marine).

For both bears, I embroidered the faces with el-cheap-o black acrylic yarn that I had on hand. I knit them both with the same kneedles, but Bug's bear ended up quite a bit bigger because of the bulkier yarn. That works...he's the big brother so he should have the bigger bear!

I had a lot of fun making them...they are big enough to look like an accomplishment, yet they go pretty quickly. The front and back are knit separately and then seamed together and stuffed. And, in case you are wondering, the white stuff is CAT HAIR. With a name like Kitty Mommy would you expect anything less?