09 May 2006

Viva la Soaker!!

My first two soakers! For the very first, I used Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and the free version of Fern and Faerie's pattern. It was my first time using circular needles and double pointed needles...very exciting!

For my second soaker, I tried my hand at kool-aid yarn dying and added some Fair Isle hearts. Otherwise, same yarn and pattern as number one.

Since I wasn't thrilled with the free design, I decided to splurge and actually *gasp* buy a soaker pattern. I decided on Holy Sheep! Yarn's soaker since it had variable gage and included instructions soakers, shorties, and longies. I added some blue kool-aid dying to my repetoire and made this little stripey number. It was supposed to be red and white stripes on the top and blue for the rest, but I didn't have enough blue. Guess I should have made another pair of red and white stripes before switching, but I was feeling too impatient to rip it out and fix it, so I improvised. Also, you will notice that all three of these wool babies are somewhat felted. They got tossed in the diaper pail and washed with the diapers too many times. You can't teach an old cat new tricks...

These two little babies are my workhorses. They also use the HS!Y pattern, but I switched to acrylic. It doesn't have wool's nice properties, but I can wash them with the diapers without creating a felted miniature soaker. I used Red Heart Kids verigated yarn for both. While I find most acrylic yarn hard to work with, the Kids stuff was a lot softer and easier to work with than the regular stuff.