07 May 2006

Bug vocabulary lessons

Bug rarely stops talking and he uses vocabulary that surprises and delights us. By far, though, my favorite part is his funny pronunciations and self-invented words.

Lesson One: General Vocabulary

  • Treet Fweeper - street sweeper, as in "Dat treet fweeper fweepin da treet."
  • Push-dozer - bulldozer
  • Doovin - doing, as in "What Daddy doovin?"
  • Flahlahs - flowers, as it "Dat not dandelion, dat flahlah." Yes, he can argue with ANYTHING!
  • Lunch store - restaurant
Lesson Two: Animals
  • 'Mingas - big pink birds
  • Dork - the bird that allegedly brings babies (along the same lines, Mommy often does a double take when he announces I have two big sticks...)
  • Rhinacha - rhinoceros
  • Pingwing - arctic bird, black and white, waddles
  • 'Raffe - think loooooong neck
  • 'Nakes - snakes
That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Now, go study hard. There will be a quiz!


Mom said...

Here's some you can add to your quiz—spoken quite a few years ago by another "word inventor" (now a Ph.D.):

haw (saw)
Bottoheeeen (Vaseline)
mugit bok (music box)
bahyoon (balloon)