20 May 2006

Big Rigs in the park

On Monday, when we went to the park with Grandma and Grandpa, we saw a whole bunch of big rigs pulling in with loads of carnival rides for the upcoming Irish festival in our town. The highlight of Monday was seeing a little train on the back of one truck. Trains and trucks! Two of Bug's favorite things!! Since then, we have been checking every day or two and watched more big rigs, trucks, and campers arriving with rides and concessions and tents and all the other festival trappings.

Today we finally got to experience the end result. The festival started last night and we showed up this morning to check things out. One of the first things we did was get carnival tickets and Bug, Bean, and Kitty Daddy rode that train we had been talking about all week! Before that though, we fed llamas, sheep, and goats and visited with a baby bison at the petting zoo. In the same tent, Bug got a pony ride...kind of expensive for four ponies going around in a circle for a short time, but Bug was delighted. He picked the biggest one...ride 'em cowboy! Kitty Daddy showed off his skill at carnival games and won a pair of fuzzy purple dice that Bug and Bean squabbled over off and on. With the tickets we had left, Bug and I climbed up a whole bunch of stairs and rode down on a big slide! We went to part of a story time sponsored by the local library, but the little ones were too excited to sit still or participate in the songs. We also strolled through the cultural tent and saw wool being spun into yarn.

For some reason, the bottle of pink lemonade that Bug got with lunch was one of the highlights of the day. He spent the rest of the day talking about it. I suspect that it wasn't so much the actual lemonade as what it represented...little trains on big rigs, huge slides, and other special things in his favorite park.