01 March 2007

Lying low

We have been having a very quiet week. I think my cold is nearly gone, but I'm still feeling kind of wiped out from it, so we have stuck pretty close to home. Miss Bean has had a snuffy nose for several days and Bug seems to be working on the same bug too. He was in rare form on Tuesday. He couldn't settle down for anything and was driving Bean and I crazy! No chance for a nap for anyone when he was going strong. Then yesterday, he wasn't feeling good and was cuddly and clingy all day. That certainly explains the craziness on Tuesday! He has gotten two good nights sleep and a long nap yesterday and seems to be back to his old self a bit.

I am finally starting to feel the love for Bean's sweater. After seven rounds of 504 stitches, a decrease round and about 15 or so rounds of the regular size, I am finally pretty sure that I don't have a twist. I have also discovered a nifty trick: Knitting in ends. Since weaving in ends is the absolute bane of my existence, I was tickled to discover this. nona gives very clear instructions and the technique is absolutely slick! Anyway, stockinette in the round is about the extent of my mental abilities right now, so a sweater body is just about perfect!

My black, white, red, and gray socks continue to languish with only a half a toe and a heel to go. Since they are my purse project, they are neglected when we don't go anywhere! I can usually count on a few rounds at the library on Friday, but the public schools weren't in session so the library was absolutely swamped and I couldn't even sit and relax while the kids did their thing.

The only other excitement was that Kitty Daddy brought home some spring M&Ms and in addition to the normal "m," there were some with chickies, bunnies, and SHEEPIES! Combining knitting and chocolate is genius!


Namma said...

My personal feeling is that combining just about anything with chocolate is genius. Guess I'll go have one of the chocolate-covered coffee beans I've been hoarding...