23 March 2007

Lots of pictures!!

I finally got around to the intellectually challenging task of transferring my photo memory disk to the computer, so I finally got caught up on pictures. First are the seedlings we planted on the 15th. We got the little peat disks that absorb water and bloat up and then you plant the seeds. Here is Bug watching the disks expand.

We planted three kinds of seeds. There are actually tomato seeds in the bowl. They were white and looked kind of like little eggs.

Here are the seedlings this morning. There are four pods of each seed kind. The basil came up in just a couple of days, the tomatoes have been popping up over the last couple of days, and the jalapeƱos are just getting ready to pop up.

Last weekend we went to the Kids Expo at the Alliant Energy Center. They had lots of stuff for kids to do and also lots of exhibitors of children's classes and services. Bug was absolutely entranced by the Cat in the Hat.

Both kids really enjoyed the baby animal petting zoo. Here is a baby camel...

and a calf.

Bug participated in the tractor pull. They pull sleds that get heavier the farther you go.

Bug had some trouble making the pedals go forward all the time. He kind of thought that he just needed to crank them and either forward or back should do it. They unhooked the sled and he just drove the tractor the rest of the way. He got a ribbon for participating that he is very proud of.

The kids also jumped around on a bouncy thing, ran around on some things that had been set up by a gymnastic school, watched some juggling and dance demonstration and climbed around and checked out other stuff. It was pretty crowded and kept getting worse the longer we stayed, so if we go next year, I think we want to get there right when it opens to avoid having to wait in such long lines.


Namma said...

The seedlings are doing great—hope you can keep the kitties from using them as their personal salad bar ;o)...And the Kids Expo sounds like it was tons of fun with lots of interesting things to do.

Ms. Knitingale said...

My kitties were quite grateful for the basil I planted...luckily you have the mighty Bug to stand guard over them! Looks like you all had such a great time.