12 March 2007

Random blogginess

Inspired by the Harlot's completely random blog today, I thought I would follow suit. Especially since this pretty much maxes out today's mental capacity anyway.

1. If you see on the news that a Wisconsin couple has been arrested and charged with counterfeiting pee, that would be us. Kitty Daddy and I have been taking turns sneaking in to the bathroom, dumping the potty chair and replacing the pee with about a half inch of water. The bucket is red, so color isn't an issue. So far, Bug hasn't noticed that we have been tampering with his "best friend."

2. Spring seems to have arrived (though I still would never rule out another blizzard before all is said and done). We have had several days in the high 40's and today even made it into the 50's! We have big bare patches all over in the back yard and the snow mountains in front are only a couple of inches high.

3. Knitting is happening, but sporadically. I finished my purse socks last Monday (I promise to get a FO post up soon!) and have started swatching for the next pair and I have been mostly staring at Bean's sweater. Although it is mindless stockinette for a while, I wanted to put stripes in, but that means getting out a tape measure, finding row gage, and doing some fiddly math stuff to try and get the sleeves and body stripes to meet up correctly (it's a raglan sweater). Again, not too bad, but really beyond current capacity.

4. Quick Bean 101 lesson. First, vocabulary: byeee (bite), dam (sandwich), you (you or your); Second, grammar: Subject and auxiliary verbs are optional, modifying pronouns go after the noun they modify; Third, a translation exercise: Translate "(I want a) bite (of) your sandwich." Make sure to say each word with enthusiasm. Solution below*.

5. Bonus Bean vocabulary: These are "whale crackers."

6. Tomorrow is for gardening. The kids and I went to Home Depot and bought a little mini-greenhouse with twelve peat pellets for starting seedlings, as well as a packet of tomato seeds, a packet of jalapeno seeds, and a packet of basil seeds. With any luck, we will be transplanting to containers once the weather is likely to stay nice. I will be taking pictures and blogging about said adventure soon. All I can say is that I sure hope one of them has a greener thumb than I do.

7. I need to find a way to average out jeans for Bug and Bean. Bean, with diaper, has an extremely size 3T tushie, but short little 2T legs (and even those could have cuffs). On the other hand, Bug with his newly undied butt, can barely manage to keep 4T from falling down, but would probably do even better in 3T, but needs 5T to keep from looking like a sales representative from FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program.

*Exercise solution: Byee! Dam! You! (repeat until sandwich is gone)


Namma said...

I guess I really like "random blogginess" or "bloggy radomness," whichever usage you prefer....gives me a whole variety of topics to LOL about!

Good "solution" (pun intended )to the "pee-as-a-best-friend problem. Just hope Bug doesn't decide on another best friend, then you might have to get out the Playdoh...

knottykitty said...

I love the "whale crackers!" LOL! :) deb