16 March 2007

Cranky Friday

Today, Mommy is wearing the cranky pants. I would venture a guess that it has something to do with the whole spring fever thing I talked about yesterday. After we did our Friday library trip, we were driving away and got behind a car that had two license plates: one from Wisconsin, the other from Monaco. My theories for are:

  • The car owner used to live in Monaco and had the car shipped and wanted to keep the plates on because he thinks it makes him somehow superior to mere mortal Wisconsin residents.
  • The car came from Monaco and the new owner kept the old plates on because he thought it would make him look like he was from Monaco and that makes him somehow superior to mere mortal Wisconsin residents.
  • He stole the plates from someone from Monaco because he thought it would make him look like he was from Monaco and that makes him somehow superior to mere mortal Wisconsin residents.
If anyone can come up with a good reason for having two plates that doesn't involve someone trying to look better than everyone else, please tell me in the comments. Maybe there is an innocent explanation that won't piss me off.

After following the car from Monaco, we ran into Jo-Ann's. I couldn't find a needle the right size to mend my one pair of jeans that still fits my (rapidly disappearing) waist. I think I can get a couple more weeks out of them if they leg doesn't fall off at the knee. After maneuvering two little ones through the store to find the needle, we had our purchases together and headed to the check out: a thing of sewing needles, a $0.50 bag of plastic easter eggs selected for bribery purposes, and one other item (we shall not speak of the skein of Paton's Soy Wool Stripes that threw itself at me. I figured the little hussy would make a scene if I rejected it, so did the only thing I could. *sigh*). After the items were rung up, the checker asked for my zip code. Umm...I could tell you the zip code of every place I have lived up until now (57401, 64772, 97080, 52242, 52246), but could not for the life of me come up with the current one. I knew the last two digits (which should be sufficient to differentiate it from all the other zips in the Madison area, but the clerk just gave me a blank look), when finally a lady in line shouted it out for me. Unfortunately, she looked extremely ticked off, like this was some sinister plot I had cooked up to make her wait in line longer than she should have. I thought people who shopped in craft stores were supposed to be friendly. Maybe that's just in yarn stores.

I think I have figured out a solution for the sock that is a slow starter and the Bean sweater that keeps making eyes at me. I'll do what any mature, intelligent adult would do. I'll cast on the Paton's SWS.


Knittymama said...

I get suckered each time we go to JoAnn's too. I feel better about the bribery because I convince myself I'm raising creative children this way (as opposed to whiny children:-)

knottykitty said...

**waving and laughing at your crankiness!!** Too funny! I totally agree with your explanations for the Monaco license plates :) What are you making with the soy wool? I love to make little felted baskets out of it--it felts up nice and sturdy!


Namma said...

I think it was either Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, or Princess Stephanie in the car in front of you—or maybe it was all three—visiting friends in Wisconsin. I can't believe you blew your chance to gaze upon royalty!

And the next time you can't remember your zip code for a store clerk...just make one up or use an old one. Who's to know the difference?