15 March 2007

Waiting for spring

Ugh. After getting up into the 60's on Tuesday, we are back in the low 30's again. We did get our seeds planted, but it wasn't as good of a photo-op as I had hoped. Mostly, I was trying to keep Bean from eating the seeds rather than taking pictures. I got a couple, but will wait to post them until we have some sprouts in (hopefully) a couple more days.

Knitting is still slow. Bean's sweater and I regard each other solemnly on a regular basis, but I just can't bring myself to do the tape measure and math thing. *sigh* The bright side of it is that I have been spinning. I am still working on the cheap-o black, white, and rust roving. I have done two hanks of two-ply (about 40 yards total). This spindleful is coming out as a lot thinner single, which pleases me more than it should. No consistency with the first two hanks, but this roving has been earmarked for experimentation. I almost have the spindle full and ready to ply. I am debating whether to do two-ply like I have been or take advantage of the thinner singles and try out Navajo plying to get a three-ply yarn.

And, finally, a cute conversation with Bean. The scene: Mama is in the living room and Bean toddles in after her nap...

Bean: Mah-eee poop!
[so we go upstairs to investigate and I pick it up]
Bean: Mommy pit poop!
Mommy: Yes, I picked up the poop.
Bean: Poop potty!
Mommy: Yes, I put Mollie's poop in the potty.
Bean: Goo dob mommy!
Mommy: [trying not to fall on the floor laughing] Why, thank you!
One of the funniest part that just can't be captured in text is the way Bean pronounces "poop" The vowel sound she makes just doesn't exist in the English language, so you'll just have to take my word for it that it is the cutest thing EVER! The other funniest part is just how earnest and serious she is when she is conversing.


Ms. Knitingale said...

Why, yes, Kitty Mommy--Goo Dob! What a sweetie that little one is.
Show us your spinning, soon. Truly, I need to be inspired to get through my paralyzing fear of spinning!

Namma said...

After hearing Bean say the "p" word on the phone, I'm pretty sure it's her Swedish heritage coming up from the depths! I always have loved baby-to-toddler pronunciations...and pronouncements...so cute.