28 March 2007

My sweet Bug

This morning as Bug and I were waking up--we were still in jammies and only barely starting to move and Bean was still out cold--he looks at me and says, "You are a very nice mommy to me." He ponders for a couple more minutes and then announces, "You have very long feet and very long arms and I love you."

A bit on the cryptic side, but sweet none-the-less. Besides, having someone appreciate my long feet can't hurt. As it is, all my handknit socks have really short cuffs unless I get a third ball of sock yarn because of the endless instep.

We are back to more typical Wisconsin spring weather after several unseasonably warm days. On Sunday, Madison set a new record high of 77°F and on Monday a new record of 79°F. Monday, the kids and I spent over an hour at "Keys Park" before getting some groceries. Once we got home and put the groceries away, we spent another hour or more in the back yard. Oh man, all of us were WAY overdue for some fresh air and sunshine! Yesterday was gray and cooler (in the low 60's) and today looks to be about the same. Some rain today wouldn't surprise me either!

Last weekend wasn't particularly exciting. On Saturday, we went to a CSA open house sponsored by MACSAC. We have been thinking about joining a CSA and they had presentations about CSAs and many of the participating CSAs had table set up with information. We picked up a bunch of brochures. I think this would be a really good way for us to eat better, but the shares are paid up front for the entire season (so kind of pricey all at once) and I'm not convinced that the rest of the family would be as committed to lots of good fresh veggies as mama is. On Sunday, we decided to lie low and give our colds a chance to bet better. We had planned on going to see the lamb birthing barn at A-Z farms. Sunday was the last chance this year, so we will have to wait until next year, but I think we could probably run out to Susan's Fiber Shop during the week and at least see some little lambs.


Namma said...

What a wonderful compliment ("very nice mommy") and probably, from a little boy's point of view, long feet and long arms are great things to possess! At any rate, the "I love you" kind of sums it all up. :o)

knottykitty said...

Okay kittymommy---did you send that slimey cold bug over to me? ;) Thanks for all of your well wishes---it really helps to read something nice when I feel like cr*p! I'm having weather envy--you guys have 70's, and we can't even seem to break the mid-50's here!

deb :)

Jennifer W said...

Hey! Long time no talk - Steph sent me over this way. :) I know what you mean about the weather - I'm ready for spring already....

So, come talk to me on my blog about Wisconsin. I finish school in 79 days and am trying to figure out where we should move. LOL I figure I should use at least one of my degrees.