19 March 2007


Well, I guess a sunshiny Monday is the best antidote for a cranky Friday! Plus it is pleasantly warm (around 50°F), so the kid and I walked over to "close park." Still a little muddy, but otherwise just what we needed. The kids got to run around and slide and swing and I got to sit on a quiet park bench and knit. I finally finished the gage swatch for my next purse project sock. Unfortunately, now I can't find the pattern, so (1) I have no idea if I made gage and (2) I couldn't start the sock even if I did. The plan was to make these socks:

from the new Interweave Knits using KnitPicks Gloss yarn (Merino/silk blend) in black. The swatch is really quite yummy and soft and I want to get going!!!

I have looked in all the logical places (several times now) and even many illogical places, too. It HAS to be here, unless I did something totally inane like return it to the library with the week's books or left it somewhere it got shuffled in with newspapers and tossed in the recycling. In deference to Ms. K, I know it isn't on the safe in the garage because (1) we don't own a safe and (2) even if we did, we don't have a garage to put it in. I know that the one thing that will guarantee that it turns up is to buy a new copy. I'm not there yet, but in the next couple of days I will have to decided whether I want two copies or zero copies.


Namma said...

...or maybe just one copy again, even though we all know the law of the jungle is that something turns up immediately after you replace it. Our particular household seems to spend an inordinate amount of time searching for things that were put in totally logical places (at least, at the "putting" time) that obviously change to totally illogical places shortly after the "putting."

Really pretty blue socks and great pose...you might look into a career as a sock model!

Ms. Knitingale said...

Darn, and I was going to suggest looking on the safe...= ) You know, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the pattern. I have the last three or four Interweave Knits. At least then you'd have one you paid for and one you didn't! Let me know.