22 March 2007

We all hab codes!

Next time I complain that we don't do enough together as a family, please slap me. Kitty Daddy thoughtfully brought home a lovely little cold bug from a coworker and it didn't leave anyone out. Kitty Daddy stayed home and slept yesterday and the kids and I have been sniffling and sneezing and carrying on as well. While colds always make me crabby, right now my only line of defense is Tylenol and hot water with lemon and honey. Everybody else gets the good drugs. Pbbbllltttt!

Last night, we rented the new James Bond movie Casino Royale. Since I have never been a big fan of change, I was appropriately skeptical of Daniel Craig being the new James Bond. However, by the end, Bean had learned the word "hottie," so I think we will be okay. Eva Green played Vesper Lynd, the Bond Babe for this movie. As the plot was unfolding, Bug kept asking what the "mommy" was doing and I explained what I could (at an age appropriate level). At one point, he turns to me and announces, "I think you're a better mommy than her." Dude, I scored higher than a Bond Babe.

My Paton's SWS is turning into a newborn-sized soaker. I have gotten as far as the split for legs and decided that I need to get another skein so I can get the back to match the front and the leg cuffs to match each other. I absolutely adore the subtle color changes and LOVE the beautiful shades and would probably go nuts if things weren't symmetric. However, the stripe sequence is so long that the 80g skein only has two repeats and I have made it completely through one repeat so far, so I need another skein to start the back at the same place in the repeat. I will have plenty of yarn for a second soaker (and maybe a third).

Our seeds are finally sprouting. I wasn't sure if they would ever come out since it turned to cold and rainy immediately after we planted them. I will try and get some pictures this afternoon and post all the gardening photos tomorrow.


knottykitty said...

Sorry about your code---hope you feel better! :) My husband is a computer programmer and works with people from all over the world, so he brings home some hellacious codes from other countries!

I love the Patons SWS. I make felted baskets out of it--they felt up nice and thick! It does have a strangely long stripe sequence however!


Namma said...

Arghhh...spring codes... [:oP They're right in line behind winter codes, summer codes, and fall codes. And codes without drugs is even worse. Could you try Vicks and a kitty, Kitty Mommy?

Bond Babe Mommy! That's what so lovely about little ones. They just know you are everything important to them...at least until they get out in the big world and discover otherwise. Cherish it while you have IT!!