29 March 2007

We shall call her the "Laughing Ho"

Well, actually, in polite company we will be calling her a Snickers Trifle. But she will always be a Laughing Ho to me! This is Daddy's birthday cake (or "happy cake" as Bean calls them). It loosely follows Ms. K's Ho recipe. First just let me say...the chocolate cake recipe rocks. Ms. K is a genius. Really. Send her yarn. Lots of it. Anyway, now for my version. I did use Ms. K's cake recipe (obviously), but I declined getting it drunk. I debated this long and hard. Really, the amount of alcohol in a serving wouldn't be enough to get baby-to-be drunk, but I had to balance that with the fact that pregnancy hormones might lead to an ugly incident with me face down in the remaining Ho, leading to a completely empty bowl. Since discretion is the better part of valor, we chose to take the high road. Instead of Heath Bars, I changed to Kitty Daddy's favorite candy bar: Snickers. So the layers ended up going like this: cake lumps, fudge sauce, caramel sauce, peanuts, cool whip, repeat twice. End with a chopped up Snickers bar. I took the quick and easy route with the fudge sauce (I do have a very yummy recipe for some though), the caramel sauce, and the whipped cream.

We will be heading out shortly, Ho in hand, to join Kitty Daddy at work for lunch with his co-workers. We'll let you know how the Ho goes over!


Namma said...

Your Snickers Trifle (aka "happy cake," aka "Laughing Ho") looks veddy, veddy praupah ;o) Wish Kitty Daddy a happy BD from us. I'm sure he will have a great "happy party," as Bean would say.

knottykitty said...

YUMMMM!!! A fabulous combination of sweet and savory and whipped cream! How could you go wrong? By the way, could you email some of that over for me to test it?! :)


Ms. Knitingale said...

Mmmm...I do believe you've improved on the recipe, although I admit that I could end up face down in it no matter WHAT you put on the cake! Someone did suggest to me that you could use those flavored syrups they sell for coffee instead of booze...but it sounds like you did just fine with a naked cake. Would that make it a naked ho?