20 January 2008

Mmmmmmm as in...

Malabrigo. Laceweight.

So, Friday was knit night at the Sow's Ear. I had a gift card from Kitty Daddy from Christmas. Three precious little 50 gram lumps of luscious laceweight Malabrigo came home with me. I don't have a project in mind...I think I will just give each skein a name and buy them all little collars and leashes and a soft basket for them to sleep in. Seriously. I debated long and hard between this color (pearl ten) and indigo, but this one won.

Other than that, we have mostly been trying not to freeze our little tushies off in the deep freeze of Wisconsin. The high for both today and yesterday were around zero---that's in Fahrenheit people, around -18 for you Celsius folks. Brrrrr. Yesterday, we went to the Madison auto show. Bug left in tears because we wouldn't buy a Hummer for him. Beeb thought he was a total bad boy after getting to sit in the driver's seat of a H2. Other than that, the verdict was "meh." It was kind of cool looking at the cars, especially without any salespeople around, but for the most part, the cars weren't anything special. Not really worth the price of parking and admission, except that it was also a fund raiser for Hospice. Today we are watching the Packers and Giants freezing their nether regions. We made a big pot o' chili and corn muffins for supper. I always like chili and cornbread, but when the weather is this miserable...boy did it hit the spot!

I also found time over the weekend to do the first clue for the Secret of the Stole. It sure looks like it will be a nice looking pattern as it emerges! I can't wait to see more!


Namma said...

I like the idea of making your soft Malabrigo lumps into pets (with all the accoutrements)...you don't have to walk them or clean their litter box or feed them or...

Bug thinks he's a hummer kind of guy, huh? What happened to the race-car kind of guy, like in "Cars"?

Marianne said...

That laceweight is beyond beautiful!

Awww, poor Bug, the first time I saw a Hummer? I wanted one too. shed a few 'inside' tears because, well, seriously, like that's ever gonna happen... and now I don't want one :^)

Your beginning of the SS is very pretty!

knottykitty said...

Mmmmmmalabrigo is right! I love the color you picked.

And HEY, how the heck did you get that whole Sots-ii section done already? I'm still stumping along...not even half done yet! Eeek! Yours looks great!