25 January 2008

Quick spinning and knitting update...

Spin My Spindle
18 Jan to 24 Jan 2008

Activity: SpinningSpinning
Fiber: Alpaca Viscose
Spindle: Ashford Turkish
Amount: 5 grams
4 grams

I have actually been spinning more than it looks like. The viscose is spinning up very thin, and seems to be a lot lighter weight than alpaca, so I spin and spin and spin and check the weight and, maybe, I have added a gram!

My knitting stuckness is gone. Clue #2 for Secret of the Stole came out this morning, so I am back to doing lace. Also, the kids and I ran to JoAnn's yesterday, so I am back in shape with the princess hat, as well as having the supplies (thread and buttons) to finish up the dress and shoes. Now I just need to get motivated to pull out the sewing machine. So there should be a lace progress photo before long and hopefully some FO posts coming!


Namma said...

I'll be wanting to see some princess pictures as soon as "the outfit" is complete!

I've got the same motivation problem when it comes to getting out my sewing machine. Life was so much easier when I actually had a sewing room where I could leave unfinished or to-do projects lying out...[sigh]

Marianne said...

Of course I look forward to seeing the Princess photos!

argh... the sewing machine and set up and and and... which is why I've taken to handsewing more and more often :^) (which could be why I haven't gotten much sewing accomplished...)