02 January 2008

FO: Frost Flowers and Leaves

Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr 2/18 (Wool-Silk) in Sage
Needles: KnitPicks Options, Size 6
Pattern: Frost Flowers and Leaves (Eugen Beugler) from A Gathering of Lace
Verdict: Yummy! I absolutely adore the yarn and the shawl is so soft, squishy, yummy, and warm. Yeah, I could probably hurt myself I am also quite pleased how it turned out. All the tinking was definitely worth it!

I slipped this one under the wire as a 2007 FO as I finished grafting the edging on 12/30 in the parking lot of WalMart in Marshalltown, IA (We were on our way to KittyDaddy's mom's house for belated Christmas, more on that coming). I have to confess that I haven't blocked it yet, so it could be argued that it isn't technically finished, but due to time, space, and equipment constraints, I'm not sure when it will finally be blocked and I am already using it. Here is a picture of it all spread out on a king-sized bed:

Yeah, this could be a place to block it, but we have a waterproof mattress pad, so the pins might be a problem. Besides, I don't own any blocking wires and I'm not sure I have enough pins to just pin-block.


Marianne said...

Wow.... that is stunningly beautiful! I love that pattern... I just spent at least 5 minutes just gazing at the beauty..

I may just invest in some of those interlocking carpet whatever it is those are (not carpet..).. I even asked Jason about those when he got his last year.. in that I didn't have much in the way of floor space and was considering hanging them on the hallway wall and he thought that would work, they're very light weight, something to think about, eh?

Beautifully knit!

Namma said...

You made it!...tinks and all! It IS a thing of beauty...and that's said without even being able to feel it...purr, purr. ;o)

I have a non-knitter's question: Why is it necessary to block something like a shawl? It looks so great the way it is. Does that mean that every time you wash it, you need to reblock it? (I understand the reason for blocking crocheted doilies, my snowflakes, etc., but not this.)

Vegan Knitting said...

Just gorgeous! How do you wear a square shawl?

knottykitty said...

The Frost Flowers & Leaves is absolutely gorgeous!! I so love that pattern and aspire to have the courage and skills to try it...some day. You did a great job! Happy New Year to you and the whole clan! :)